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Link finder

InDesign link finder script

The InDesign script will attempt to find any missing graphics based on name, metadata and size of graphics. You choose a folder or hard drive and the script will look it through for the missing graphics, whatever type of file it is. Depending on the number of files it have to go through, it can take […]

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Update footnotes

Update foot notes InDesign script

You can update almost anything across different InDesign documents, but for some reason it is not possible to update footnote numbers across different documents. This scipt will update all footnote numbers in documentes located within InDesigns Book function. You will not have to open the InDesign documents and do it manually anymore. Instructions for installing the […]

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Vendor List

Store Directory Easily create this store directory by creating a new page and choosing the template ‘Vendor List’ which will then neatly list all vendor stores, alphabetically and dynamically. Each listing will display the Vendor avatar, store link, name, number of items, date they joined and also their bio information.

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[price_table id=3537]

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This can be any content you wish as it is a regular page with full content. You can easily display a registration form for users if you desire by using the EDD shortcode, just like we did on this page. This is purely an option as users not logged in, or do not have an […]

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EDD Pagination

This page will not have the filter that EDD Index page has but does have pagination.  We let you decide which template you want to use.  

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Individual Wish List


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Wish List Overview


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Carousel Loop

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